How To Fix The Roku Device Update Issue?

If you are facing updates problem with your Roku device, then check out the steps to fix the update bug and render the best streaming experience.

All the Roku designs are perfectly designed to run the new software version. But, there are some of the unwanted instances when you have to face the problem with the update of your Roku device. When you get an error during a software update - Firstly, you need to ensure that you have got a stable and reliable internet connection to update the Roku device. If the connection is unstable or unreliable, then you will be unable to update the new software.   At the time of getting the error on the screen, you will get to view one of the following error codes: 001, 002, 003, 005. To fix the bug and successfully update the device - There is the possibility that the Roku service may get temporarily unresponsive. At the time of an attempt to update the software, you need to wait for few minutes and then try again. In the case, if the Roku is aware of t…

How To Fix Roku Problems That Occur Frequently?

While using Roku, you might face many different problems that might disrupt the entertainment. If you are also facing such problems, then go through the following module that is designed to provide a solution for all those problems.

Many of us find different problems with Roku boxes like sometimes we are not able to connect our box with the internet, the picture quality is not okay, blue/black screen issues, remote not working, etc. These all problems have different reasons behind them thus here we will know the cause of these errors with a solution to overcome them.

Below are some Roku issues with their solution :

  1. Unable to connect to Wi-Fi :  Sometimes you might not be able to get connected to your Wi-Fi
It may occur both with wired and hard wired connection.
Solution : If using a wired connection then, verify that the Ethernet cable you are using for the internet is properly connected. Try to power cycle the device i.e. remove the power cord, wait for 20 seconds then plug it back in.
If using a wireless connection then verify that your sign in details i.e. internet network name and password are correct. Check if you are within the appropriate range of Wi-Fi that might be required to connect to Wi-Fi. Verify the IP setup. Make sure that it should be on “Auto obtaining of IP” this will help you to get connected to your Wi-Fi automatically.
  1. Degraded Picture quality : While watching your shows you might notice that the picture quality is not much good as it usually used to be. It usually happens due to slow internet connection or intermittent internet connection.
  2. If using a wired connection do a speed test to verify the speed of your internet. Verify that Ethernet cable is tightly connecting to the device.
If using a wireless connection then ensure that you are within a good range of your Wi-Fi. Try to disconnect all the other equipment’s that are using the same Wi-Fi network leading to slow speed by sharing the internet speed.

  1. Remote not working : Sometimes you might not be able to change channels, adjust volume or power on off with your remote. It might occur due to the old remote battery, or because you have not completed the pairing procedure of remote.
  2. Check your battery if they have discharged then get the new one and replace it. If the remote is not pairing, then go through the remote pairing settings. On the battery, there is a black button for pairing. Press if for few seconds. The light will flash up with a dialog box to pair the remote. Now, follow the instructions guide of that dialog box which will lead to pair up your remote with the Roku box. Still if the remote does not work properly then power cycle the device and the remote. Bring out the cells of remote and disconnect the box from the power cord. Wait for 20 seconds. Not put them back to place. Now again press the same black button on the battery for dialog box for remote pairing. Repeat the same procedure. Now, verify whether the remote has started to work or not.
  3. Unable to run some applications on your device : You might find that some applications might not run properly on your device, they might hang your system. You may think that it’s your system or Roku that’s creating the problem but in fact, it is the application itself that’s creating the issue.
  4. Restart the application. Make sure you have the latest version of that app. Verify the time and date of your device, ensure it is correct and matches with the time and date on that app. It’s better to change the time and date settings to “Auto update date & time.”
  5. Unable to update device & applications : Sometimes when you will try to update some applications, you would not be able to do so. It might be due to the firewall that will restrict the connection for updating of applications and give you a particular error statement.

Solution : You should disable your firewall settings. Go to the setting of your router and connect to an IP Go to Firewall, select turn-off.
So, these were few problems that used to occur with the Roku box and that’s how we handle them. 


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