Spend $55.45 And Grab A Refurbished Roku 4

If you’re looking for Roku device then we would like to tell that now you can grab the streaming device for $55.45.
Roku makes our dear media streamers. For reasons, we won’t bore you with, we immensely wish any Roku box or stick to Apple TV (Which grips no Amazon), Google Chromecast (with no remote) or Amazon Fire TV (terrible UI). 
When the Roku 4 hit the scene back in 2015, it was among then-rare products to provide 4K streaming -something most people still don’t annoy with today. And it was crazy-pricey at $129.99, at least compared with its lower-end brethren.
But if you have always wished a Roku 4, whether for its speed or 4K support, now you can get one for reasonable: Dealfisher (via Amazon) holds certified refurbished Roku for $55.45 shipped.
Let us note first that the rate has been hoping around a bit since we first saw this yesterday, when it was initially $59.99, then $59 and now a few bucks below that. Whoa! However, it could hop up again- We think Dealfisher is comparing with some other sellers who are also selling the product for around the similar rate.
In any case, the Roku 4 is a stopped model, having been supplanted by the Roku Ultra. Dissimilarities between the two? we honestly couldn't find a rundown anywhere, but there's no question the Roku 4 remains a higher streamer in its class.
We’ve got one and we like its quick, efficient UI. But we don’t have a 4K-accordant TV, and honestly, we rarely bother with the voice-powered search aspect- mostly because we forget it’s there. However, Roku’s absolute ideal trick continues to be the headphone jack in the remote. Plug in and you can watch TV at whatever volume you wish, with no disturbance.
We will say that Roku 4 seems to run spicier than other models we have owned, and we do find that it locks up or require to be rebooted every so often. Your mileage may vary, of course.

Your Thoughts?

Sure, you have got a Bluetooth speaker for your home, but do you have one for your home par-tayy? For parties and treats, outdoor events and other occasions where a small speaker will not cut it, the Microsoft Store has the Street Hopper 6 Bluetooth speaker ($69.99). Regular price is $119.99.  
About the size and shape of a duffel bag, this is a large speaker. It’s also an attractive, with built-in multi-color LEDs and battery that’s fine for up to 10 hours.

Good news/bad news:  It grasps built-in FM tuner, but various of the reviews note that it’s awful. So, forget radio and jack in your guitar or mic- it has inputs for both- for sing-alongs or simply karaoke. Oh, and as all speakers should, this one grips a large ol’ volume dial right on the front. When did the world decide buttons were a fine path to set volume?
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